We provide extensive deep clean designed services to thoroughly clean your home/office from top to bottom


Neat Space offers an extensive range of professional cleaning services specially designed for residences.

Our housekeeping services include cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting of all your rooms. Some of the cleaning activities that we perform in residences

- Thorough vacuuming of furniture, we clean even under the cushions

- Removal of cobwebs

- Dusting of ledges, windowsills, partitions

- Cleaning window glasses

- Cleaning and mopping of flooring

- Washing floor tiles and vacuuming carpets

- Clearing out all garbage

We specialise in offering excellent cleaning and polishing services for granite, marble and mosaic.

Neat Space ensure customer satisfaction by providing prompt and high-quality cleaning services to the clients at the lowest possible prices.

Neat Space prepare the ground for best flattening (slippage removal).

By crystallizing the ground we make the floor to “mirror-like” shine by the chemical application on the surface of marble.

We offer pre- and post- construction cleaning services for all types of commercial and residential properties.

We try our best to accommodate the needs of our client accordingly. We can also provide final cleaning for touch up cleaning.

In our Pre-Post Project cleaning we offer:

- Cleaning of all countertops, sinks and fixtures polished

- Cleaning bathtubs, shower stalls, toilets, and shower doors

- Stained woodwork will be wiped down with polish after cleaning

- Mirror and glass cleaned and polished

- Washing of all windows, interior and exteriors

No matter the occasion or planning a party, a schedule deep cleaning which makes your house ready to celebrate.

According to Neat Space clean doesn't mean just to wipe,wash or brush. Stains should be removed. White or colored tiles need to be deeply cleaned because it will change the look of your floor and make u live in a better place.

Neat Space will make u fall in love with your office/home.

We ensure that the cleaning staff clean the office on a daily basis.

Work is satisfactory and the office is kept clean and tidy. Such cleaning should include:

Daily dusting and wiping of desks and work services and emptying of trash bins

Daily vacuuming of carpets Regular upkeep of the hard flooring surfaces

Daily cleaning of glass surfaces at the Reception

Prompt removal of used cups from the Reception sitting area

Cleaning /tidying of meeting rooms as soon as users have concluded meetings.

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